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Cowboys Release Tuesday’s Clues

If the Lone Stranger’s loot is found Tuesday, it’s worth $400 to the finder. The Cornerstone Community Bank on East Cypress Avenue was the target of a mock robbery Monday by the Lone Stranger and accomplice, who was wearing a Hillary Clinton mask. They got away despite the bungling efforts of the asphalt cowboys. Identifying them is worth another $400. The loot is never on private property and is always within city limits. It’s never buried and does not require climbing to reach it.
Here’s the Tuesday clue to identify the stranger and accomplice:

The law on their tail, couldn’t take them down; they ran past the cowboys, from the center of town

The identity of the Lone Stranger and sidekick can be reported at 223-1188.

Here’s the Tuesday clue to find the loot:

The sounds of water, lead the robbers here; rise they did, ’til the coast was clear

If the loot is found, it should be turned in to the Redding Chamber of Commerce at 1321 Butte Street, Suite 100.

Here are Monday’s clues:

Strangers: The Lone Stranger and sidekick escaped to the hills. One after the other to count those news bills.

Loot: The loot’s been hidden where trees abound; neither hung nor buried; seek until found.